Thanks, Mom! Mobile App

High fidelity homepage design


To design a mobile app that reminds the user of not only calendar events, but also to grab the items they need when they leave the house or work. 


  1. User Interviews
  2. Competitive and Comparative Research
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Persona Creation
  5. Task Flow
  6. User Flow
  7. Concept Mapping
  8. Clickable Paper Prototype (InVision)
  9. Usability Testing
  10. Iterate (Axure)

User Interviews


User Interview Findings:

  • User has ADHD and tends to forget things like her keys, debit card, etc. on a regular basis. 
  • She ends up needing to borrow money from friends when out, go out of her way to the bank to withdraw cash, get her landlord to let her into her apartment. 
  • Most personal organizer apps do not have a component of reminding their users about physical things that they need to remember.


Comparative Analysis - nobody reminds users about physical items

Comparative Research Findings:

All of the current “personal organizer” apps do a great job of coordinating schedules, contacts, tasks, etc., but none of them remind you of the stuff you need to take with you.


Storyboarding - my creative talents lie elsewhere....

Research Conclusions:

  • User needs an app that acts as a second mother or a personal assistant and reminds her of what she needs to be sure to grab when she’s leaving the house/work/out with friends. 
  • App should sync with her calendar and news app to give her weather and reminders about events, as well. 
  • Visual reminders should be customizable. 
  • Voice of audio reminders should be customizable.
  • There are many people who could really use that sort of reminder at least at some points in their life (new parents, students during finals, doctors during their residency).


  • Name: Michelle
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Profession: Photographer and Designer
  • Pain Point:  Keeping track of her stuff
  • Goal:  Reduce the frequency of forgetting basics like keys, debit card, etc.
  • Likes & Characteristics: Music, hanging with friends, running, photographySnapchat addict, generally a chill, cool girl

Task flow


Required Functions:

  • Sync with calendar
  • Sync with GPS (app should retain frequent locations)
  • Sync with weather app
  • List of frequently forgotten/essential items for user to customize
  • Customizable “Mom” and reminder style.


Created a paper prototype in InVision.


Usability Test Findings:

  • Reduce the number of fields the user is required to fill in. 
  • Pull as much data from social media, gps, other useful apps as possible.
  • Aggregate data into reminder so that reminder for items also includes weather info.
  • Users want the choice of audio, visual, or both for their reminders.