Completed Itinerary page including photos and social media posts.


Create a feature for the Yelp app that allows users to create itineraries for their travels, as well as a record of their actual experiences. Yelp wants to increase user engagement by appealing to travelers.


  1. User Interviews
  2. Competitive and Comparative Research
  3. Storyboarding
  4. Affinity Mapping
  5. Persona Creation
  6. Design Studio
  7. Clickable Paper Prototype
  8. Task Flow
  9. User Flow
  10. Feature Identification and Prioritization
  11. Clickable Prototype (Axure)
  12. Usability Testing
  13. Iterate (Axure)


  • Jill Wear
  • Jayme Wong
  • Aditya Rane

My Role:

  • Three of six user interviews
  • Two of five usability tests
  • Speccing and design of travel journal feature
  • Collaboration in persona creation, feature identification, task flow, user flow, creation of Axure prototype.

Affinity mapping

Persona Creation


User Interview Findings:

  • Serendipity is a crucial element of travel.  Unexpected finds and moments make a trip special.
  • Interviewees want to RELAX when they travel.  
  • Overscheduling is not relaxing, nor does it allow for serendipity to happen.
  • 90% of interviewees do not write in a travel journal, but like the idea of having a record of their experiences.
  • All of our interviewees post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while traveling.
  • Most of our interviewees use Yelp when traveling domestically and will use Yelp overseas if the area is well-covered.
  • Most of our travelers print out copies of their crucial documents in case of technological mishap.  

Competitive Analysis Findings:

  • Most of the competition is information and/or review-focused (i.e. Trip Advisor or Rough Guides).
  • None of the competition incorporate a way to record travel experiences.

Research Conclusion:

  • Serendipity is a crucial element of an enjoyable travel experience.
  • Travelers would use a Yelp travel itinerary feature that would allow them flexibility in their travel days.
  • We need to allow users to have an offline backup of their itinerary.
  • Most travelers do not actively document their experiences in writing, but would love to do so if it were simple.

Wireframes and wireframes and wireframes.....

Wireframes and wireframes and wireframes.....



  • Add to Itinerary button on all business listings
  • Itineraries accessible in same places as Bookmarks
  • Travelers should be able to prioritize itinerary items according to how important each is to their enjoyment of the trip.
  • Travelers need to be able to link their social media profiles to their Yelp itinerary so that their posts can be pulled into their completed itinerary/travel journal.
  • Travelers need to be able to place itinerary items by day and time "bucket" (morning, afternoon, evening).

Paper Prototype after Design Studio


Axure Prototype:

Usability test results


Usability Test Findings:

  • The personal prioritization feature was not obvious.  Participants thought that they were rating the restaurant, not saying how badly they wanted to go there. 
  • Use less intrusive semi-transparent "Pro Tips" instead of popup for out of box experience. Make the experience less intrusive and avoid disrupting the user flow.
  • The left to right side scroll arrangement of the itinerary page was not obvious.  Yelp uses a vertical scroll, so the horizontal scroll created a confusing anti-pattern.